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islandantoinette On Softonic since August 2012

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"I just got rid of it too. Feel it was very intrusive!"

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I also agree with the previous user who wrote: "I did not like the way ilivid came onto my screen with an offer to download. I could not make the popup go away (and I have pop up blocking.) I had no idea what it was and whether it was dangerous, so I passed on it.

This is a terrible way to market a computer program!"

I felt exactly the same way. It just popped up and in seconds before you could figure out what it was it was downloading itself! So then you have it one your computer! I never used it and yet here it was on my computer and so I got rid of it after reading the previous 3 comments! Thank you Antoinette

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  • Get rid of it unless you really need to do what it does.

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20 Aug 2012

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